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Any sold item will not be returned once delivery is accepted by you but if in any case of items related issue, you can contact our customer care service. The answer to your complaint will be answered very shortly.

It must be cautiously noted that in case of any product related issue, a customer should concern Jai Ho Agro. But, Jai Ho agro will not be accounted responsible for any product quality-related issue and for products covered under the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee. Those products cannot be refunded to Jai ho agro, which are covered under the Manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty but will be looked after by the manufacture’s after-sale service.

If any dispute occurs, then that will be mentioned to the courts of competent jurisdiction at Punjab. Jai ho agro reserves the right to change or amend its any of the terms of service of this policy, even without giving any intimation or conveying any reason whatsoever. Jai ho Agro’s decision on any issue will be final and the customer shall have to consent it fully.