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Privacy Policy


Jaiho Cabs’ privacy policy tells the customers that how their information is used and protected at website and mobile app when they give their information. Privacy of its customers is one of the foremost priority of Jaiho cab. We would never sell your information to any other third party unless we don’t have any permission from user or law authority.

It also must be noted that JaiHo Cab can change its privacy policy any time without giving any prior notice so users/customers must visit the privacy policy time to time so that they can be updated with the alterations.

 The information collected by JaiHo Cab is: –

1. Information about user’s location through GPS/IPaddress/wifi.

  1. Ratings or feedback for riders/ride’s experience from the customers.
  2. User’s name, login name and password, email id, address, phone number.
  3. Government identification number
  4. Birth date and photo

6.Transaction information when user use our any service, including amount charged, any promotion code, the distance traveled by customer, date/time on which service was provided to the customer or any other service.

  1. Any other information regarding to surveys/offers provided to customers.
  2. Whenever any user/customer logged in our website / mobile app then we can collect server logs or device IP address or pages viewed or access date/time.

 NOTE: – It must be noted that for direct marketing purpose, JaiHo Cabs does not sell any of its customers’ information to any third party.

 How the Information is used at Jaiho cabs: –

  1. The information collected by Jaiho cab is used to avail its customers the services of transportation conveniently and reliably.
  2. The information is used for customers’ support.
  3. The information is used to increase the security/safety of the customers and services provided.
  4. The information is used for promotions and contests.
  5. The information may also be used in connection with legal proceedings.
  6. The information is also used to enhance communications between user and JaiHo Cabs.
  7. The information can also be used for any development/research for the improvement of its services.


Cookies : – Jaiho also use cookies to make better the shopping experience of its customers. Cookies are very tiny texts files which are used to see website’s which feature or service is widely used. Cookies are saved in your browser or mobile phone by apps/website/advertisements. Cookies are basically used to analyze the site traffic or trends, about the type of content popular among users and how customers react to the content or advertisement. Cookies are also useful to restrict the same advertisement so that it won’t show in future. This is also used to remember the users’ preferences and settings. Any user can refuse to use the cookie but the experience of the user will not be the same as the other users who use the cookie and gets better performance of website.


Links to Other Websites: –  Many links to other websites may be present on Jaiho Cabs website but Jaiho cabs does not warranty about the accuracy and privacy/security of those links as jaiho cabs does not have any control over other website links. So, jaiho cabs suggest its customers and users to please use other links (links to other sites that available on JaiHo Cabs website) carefully 


  Disclaimer: – It must be noted that every information uploaded by Jaiho cabs is correct and up to date but it does not take any warranty of any information’ accuracy and completeness. If any customer thinks that any of jaiho cabs’ information is incorrect then the customer can mail or contact us and the immediate step will be taken for customer’s request. Jaiho Cabs will not be held responsible for any damage resulted from user’s access to Jaiho cabs website or mobile app. All the information of Jaiho cabs is reserved by copyright. This must be cautiously noted that any content or text or image cannot be distributed or sold without the permission jaiho cabs.