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Privacy Policy

All the customers who visit JaiHo Trucking website submit their information. We, JaiHo Trucking commits to them the security and privacy of their data at our end. In this privacy policy, JaiHo Trucking gives information to the customers about the privacy and security guidelines used at JaiHo Trucking’s website/mobile app and how the customer’s information is used. It is also suggested to all the users/customers of JaiHo Trucking to go through the privacy policy page before using JaiHo Trucking’s website or mobile app.

The information we collect at JAIHO TRUCKING: –

How information is used at JAI HO TRUCKING: –
To verify username
To convey welcoming mail for verification of password and user id.
To convey response to the customers’ complaints and inquiries.
To convey any new announcement regarding our service.
To make available customers’ information available to drivers.

If any user violates any terms or does any fraudulent or misuse Jai Ho Trucking website, then Jai Ho Trucking reserves the right to terminate/cancel the account of concerned user.

In case if you register for any transportation through Jai Ho Trucking website/mobile app, your full name will be provided to the concerned truck driver (who will provide you service) so that he can contact you on time and approach you.

In case if you register for any transportation through Jai Ho Trucking website/mobile app phone number will be given to the concerned truck driver (who will provide you service). With phone number, you and truck driver can contact each other until your goods reach the final destination.

It should be noted that JaiHo Trucking website or mobile app may contain other website’s links but JaiHo Trucking does not warrant the privacy of the links to the other websites. The links to other websites may be present on JaiHo Trucking website or mobile app for advertisement or any other reason. But Jai Ho Trucking is not liable for the security for those links. It is recommended top the users of JaiHo Trucking to use all the links to other websites very carefully and cautiously. Once you leave JaiHo Trucking website and enter other website the JaiHo Trucking does not have any control on other sites. So, be careful while using links to other sites.

It must be noted that JaiHo Trucking can change its privacy policy at any moment without giving any notice to its users. It is recommended to all the users or customers that they all must be visiting this JaiHo Trucking’s privacy policy page time to time and must remain updated with new privacy policy uploaded by Jai Ho Trucking.

If any customer having any issue or complaint regarding any service provided by JaiHo Trucking, then concerned customer can contact us by calling us on our customer care number or directly mail us.

JaiHo Trucking only disclose that information to the driver or any third party which is required. No other personal information is disclosed by JaiHo Trucking.

To provide customer support or processing of payment or any website related service JaiHo Trucking can employ some other third party. So these third parties will only have access to customer’s limited information and these parties are not allowed to use user’s information in any way.

If you are browsing on JaiHo Trucking website, then JaiHo Trucking can have your IP address or any other information like your webs browser type and also how much time you spent on JaiHo Trucking just to provide you better experience while surfing and to solve any technical issue.

If you are using JaiHo Trucking mobile app then JaiHo Trucking can have your IP address or model of device or device id just to provide you enhanced experience of Jai Ho Trucking and to provide you the updated app version and to solve any technical issue.

Cookies are also available on Jai Ho Trucking website which makes its customers’ surfing experience very easy and better. A cookie is placed on user’s device hard drive with user’s permission. A cookie is a tiny file. First of all, when a user agrees with cookies, cookies help to making experience better of surfing better. Choosing cookies is the choice of user. User can deny the cookies also. Cookies tell that which part of the website is most usable. Cookies also tell about the site traffic and how customers react to the various advertisements. The characteristic of the cookie is it does not allow the same advertisement to pop up in front of the user, if user does not prefer the same advertisement.

NOTE: – if any customer or user is having any doubt about the privacy policy or any complaint about the content available on Jai Ho Trucking website then the customer can mail us and the mail will be answered very shortly.