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Terms and Conditions: –

By entering into our Jaiho website, you will be agree with our terms and conditions. So these Terms and conditions will not need any signature for acceptance. So, any customer can read these terms and conditions before pursuing any shopping on jaiho agro website. Jaiho agro can modify or alter the Terms and Conditions (T&C) without giving any prior information or notice. All the customers must agree to the terms and Conditions(T&C). It must be noted that Jaiho agro will not be liable to any loss or damage given by the misuse of violation of terms and conditions(T&C) by a customer or any third party. Terms and Conditions (T&C) of Jaiho Agro is described as follows.

It must be cautiously noted that Jaiho Agro reserves all the Intellectual property right and copyright for its content appearing on Jaiho Agro website or mobile app. Jaiho Agro does not allows its customers/users to modify or change any content on Jai ho agro website or mobile app but customers are only allowed to access the Jai ho Agro website and mobile app Jaiho Agro does not represent any warranty to any manufacturer’s product liability, claim or product etc. of any service or product sold on jaiho Agro’s website or mobile app.


JaiHo Agro represents and warrants to every customer that: –
Jaiho Agro always makes available the products delivered as accurate as possible which are displayed on the Jaiho agro Mobile app or website. If in any case, if there is any disparity between the appearance of products delivered and those which are displayed on website then this will not hold against Jaiho Agro.
Any additional charges will not be applied on the products by or in favor of any third party.
Jaiho Agro reserves the right to sell the items/products to its customers via Jaiho Agro mobile app or website.
Concerned customer would be authorized to the warranties for the product. provided by manufacturer or brand owner.
After the sale completion, concerned customer shall enjoy the complete possession of the product purchased.

Every customer represents and warrants to JaiHo Agro that: –

Delivery address must be provided accurate by every customer. Customer is held responsible if any issue happens regarding accuracy of address.
Jaiho Agro reserves the right to ask for information from customer so it is duty of customer to provide true and correct information to Jaiho Agro.
If any customer’s details are found to be fake or incorrect then Jaiho Agro can reject that Customer from making any purchase or access to Jaiho Agro mobile app or website.
Any customer accessing or making purchase or making transactions at his/her own risk.
Any customer will have to use the JaiHo Agro mobile app or website according to the laws and regulations.


Jaiho Agro provides home delivery to its customers on any purchase made on Jaiho Agro mobile app or website.
Jaiho Agro provides Home deliveries for this products. Jaiho agro charges a Nominal fee for home delivery. At time, when a customer places an order online, delivery fee is added to its billed amount at checkout time.
If any delay occurs in delivery of orders to customers due to any internal reasons of Jaiho Agro or due to unavailability of customers, then JaiHo Agro will not be held responsible for the compensation of inconvenience to customers.
A customer must pay its payment before delivery (online payment) or at the delivery time. The customers who are willing to pay Cash on delivery, if they have Credit card or debit card at delivery time, then JaiHo Agro will make available a card swiping machine to its delivery boy if possible, otherwise if machine will be available or if it won’t work then customer will have to make payment by cash.
A customer can’t delay the payment or can’t take more time to give payment for the order which is delivered.
A customer has to pay its full payment ( net of any items if returned) before delivery or at delivery time.
jaiHo Agro has the right for the compensation to the customers for any inconvenience happened. The compensation will be given at the decision of Jaiho Agro and it will be paid separately. A customer can’t deduct it from any order amount. The time in which order is processed is 24 to 48 hours after receiving online order.
Estimated dispatching time and estimated delivery time will be provided once order is placed.
if any customer believe that the products delivered are not in acceptable condition, if package is damaged, customer can refuse to take delivery. We will try to deliver new product as soon as possible as according to return and refund policy.

Payment of the order can be done in Cash on Delivery or online method available on JaiHo Agro website. While using any of the payment method, JaiHo Agro will not be considered responsible, while any loss/damage arose due to
The preset limit (given by participating bank) exceeded
Lack of authorization for transaction
Decline or Cancellation of Transaction due to any other reason.
If any payment failure occurs out of the transactions.


Every customer must note that Jaiho agro’s any product for is a conditional offer which Jai ho can cancel it without giving any prior notice to customer or without the consent of the customer. All the customers must agree with this.
If any benefit is availed by any concerned customer related to any product of which the customer has cancelled the order, that concerned customer gives his consent and also authorize Jaiho agro to have recovery from customer itself or have any setoff from the refunds to concerned customer.

Return and Refund of Products:
For having information about Return and refund of products or any complaint then customer Return and Refund Policy available at Jai ho agro Website. customer must abide by the Return and Refund policy unconditionally.


Once you enter into jai ho agro website, you will be agreeing to all Terms and conditions. By agree to these terms and conditions, you give your consent to the fact that if any dispute happens, you will be proceeded to competent jurisdiction in India.

Jaiho agro shall not be responsible for any damage in related to terms of use, even in case the customer who is concerned informed in advance about the damage. Jaiho agro may deny any customer’s access to the jaiho agro website or mobile app without any prior notice, at any time if need so.


The products and services (which are listed on JaiHo agro mobile app and website) are sold on MRP (unless otherwise specified) with GST inclusive in price. Whatever the price which will be mentioned at the time when you order will be the price charged from you at the time of delivery.